In Which Hand Do You Put The WristWatch?

In which hand is the wristwatch placed? It seems like a meaningless question… the answer can be in the hand you want to, but it’s a question that quite a few people often ask themselves.

Usually people who are right-handed put it in their left hand and people who are left-handed put it in their right hand.

You may wonder why wristwatches are worn like this. Well, the answer is simpler than it looks. In the old days it used to be that way to be easier and more accessible to wind them up; back then if you didn’t wind them up several times a day they didn’t work and it was more practical than having to take it off every time.

Another main reason was to avoid damaging them while doing some work or activity that could spoil them, since if they were placed in the less used hand, there were less risk of blows or accidents.

Even this tradition dates back to the 19th century; the pocket watches used at the time were usually worn in the left pocket, so the left hand was used to hold them and the right hand was left free to manipulate them.

By statistics it is used more in the left hand than in the right, since the majority of the people are right-handed, and the fact of carrying the watch in the opposite hand that we usually use, leaves us this one free to be able to perform any movement, for example writing.

In case of using the watch in the dominant hand, we must be especially careful because as we use it more, we can cause damages to our watch in the form of blows or scratches.


Why do we use wristwatches?

Before the 20th century, wristwatches were considered a feminine accessory as it was a mixture of a bracelet to which a watch was added.

Its inventor was Patek Philippe in 1868 and the wealthiest ladies wore them as a jewel of distinction and status.

The men used pocket watches, these had a chain that was attached to the clothes and thus offered more security in the event of loss or attempted theft.

During the First World War, armies began to realize that pocket watches were very uncomfortable as they distracted and misled soldiers when they had to look at them; they used them mainly to synchronize attacks against the enemy.

first men wristwatches

The first men’s wristwatches were very simple, it was simply the combination of a pocket watch mounted on a specially designed leather strap.

Its final integration came from the hand of the aviation pilots. They wore them in their left hand with the dial positioned towards the inside of the wrist, so that they could look at the time without having to remove their hand from the controls.

Watch sellers realized that they were very practical and soon made them fashionable for ordinary people. They became very popular and that fashion is still booming today. More and more models are coming onto the market.

The first successful WristWatch

The first successful watch was created by Louis Cartier in 1904, his friend and pilot Alberto Santos Dumont made the order.

Today, after more than 100 years, it’s still one of Cartier’s models “EL SANTOS”.

Why to wear a WristWatch?

Wristwatches are more than just an accessory to look at the time, they are a complement to be in fashion, bringing a touch of elegance and distinction.

With the great expansion of mobile phones, the habit of using wristwatches is decreasing, as mobile phones incorporate the time.

The most current models of watches, smartwatches, allow us to be connected to our mobile phones via bluetooth without having to take them out of the pocket.

They are very useful when doing sports, receiving alerts, getting messages notifications, calls, etc..

And now you know, if you want to continue with the tradition of centuries… you can use your wristwatch in your dominant hand, and if you don’t want to follow it, then you know you can use it in your other hand.

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