How To Clean a Stainless Steel Watch 2019

If you have a stainless steel watch and you feel it’s time to make it look as it did the first day, there are different ways to make it happen. The stainless steel is a very resistant metal and it has a great durability, but with time and use it loses its shine.

The first deterioration cause of our watches is the sweat and the contact with our skin; little by little they lose their brightness and become duller.

Cleaning a stainless steel watch at home.

There are several ways to clean them in a homely way and without a great cost.

The first one is with products we have at home.


  • A soft microfiber cloth.
  • Water
  • Vinegar.
  • Window cleaner.
  • Toothpaste.
  • Toothbrush.

The first thing we have to do is, using a soft cloth of microfiber and liquid glass cleaner, make a first cleaning. If there are traces of dirt between the joints use the toothbrush to reach all corners and remove them.

It can also be made with vinegar; this will give back its original shine.

If with the first cleaning our watch doesn’t look good, we can disassemble the bracelet being careful not to scratch it, and immerse it in a container with water and glass cleaner for approximately 15 minutes, then remove it and rub with the brush until you get the desired result.

To remove scratches from your stainless steel watch and crystal dial you can polish it with toothpaste. Always do it with circular movements and without exerting too much pressure. You can get an excellent result, it’s a homely method but very effective…

If you have a valuable model and you don’t want to risk it, you can take it to a specialized watch shop where they will do both an exterior and interior cleaning and they’ll leave it as good as new. Of course… it will cost you more than a home cleaning.

Cleaning stainless steel watches with baking soda.

The second way is with baking soda.


  • A soft microfiber cloth.
  • Water.
  • Sodium bicarbonate.
  • Toothbrush.


  1. Heat water.
  2. Once the water is hot, put it in a bowl and add the baking soda. Mix the two ingredients until you get a paste.
  3. Only with water and the microfiber cloth do a first cleaning to remove the most superficial dirt and dust.
  4. Once it’s dry, soak the toothbrush and without exerting too much pressure, make circular movements until you get a total cleaning.
  5. Once you finish cleaning, rinse to remove the remains of bicarbonate.

First, perform a small test on a not very visible part of the watch (the inside of the bracelet) to see if the result is as desired.

Cleaning with specific products.

The third way is with specific products.

There are many products for cleaning stainless steel on the market, you’ll find this more expensive than using home remedies.

There are also products for polishing and with them you will get excellent results, leaving your stainless steel watch impeccable as the first day.

In the following video you can see an example of how to do it.

Ultrasonic cleaning.

The fourth way is to use an ultrasonic cleaner.

There are personal ultrasound machines on the market. With these, apart from cleaning our stainless steel watches, we can also clean other objects such as jewelry, coins, glasses, combs and even dentures.

They are very easy to use and the results are usually very good. Of course… it’s also the most expensive way to clean our watch, because apart from acquiring the machine we will have to buy a specific cleaner to perform this task.

They are usually used by professionals or by people who give it a lot of use.

Their advantages are:

  • They clean thoroughly and intensely.
  • They don’t cause damages because there is no manual treatment.
  • Using less time for cleaning reduces costs.
  • They offer a very simple handling.

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